MISTS of Moab Falls

Adventurer's Log supplemental

Recovered from fragments of the Human followers of the Peacemakers of Askullum

A long time into the Dwarven Mine Trek

            I think there is something wrong with Hawk, he keeps looking at me and licking his lips, but other than that it appears that the “Adventurers” are kinda even like us, at least most of them, Shiny tits is very scary,  Amilie, the girl of my dreams, followed her a ways back and then started screaming like she was being consumed by many tiny space hamsters.

A long, long time into the Dwarven Mine Trek

            I think we are getting close, it is Ernist’s turn to push the wheelbarrow, but they told him to park it. They then started picking volunteers to investigate a hole in the ground….                     Oh god, that guy got immolated by lava after the wall collapsed, they want another volunteer, are they nuts! No they have the scary lady with the sword and she told will he was next or dead. He fell into lava as well! Is this the end? OH finally, they used the fireproof bird to scout the lava

            We may be safe, we reached the end where they negotiate with the dragon. Are they insane! That is nice of them to negotiate safe passage back to the sur… Shiny tits has offered us up as lunch to the dragon, crap, we are not making it home.





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