MISTS of Moab Falls

Dwarven Mine Trek Adventure Log (Dai's Perspective)

Days 16 - 44 of the Dwarven Mine Trek

Day 16 of the Dwarven Mine Trek

We have reached the City of Askulum, and have managed to convince our companion Leyfan to try the local oyster delicacy, only regret is that the projectile vomit had enough range to hit me.

While waiting for him to recover we ran into a couple new faces, one of which is probably unredeemably evil and one who has a phoenix companion. I would have thought we would not run into another high elf around here, I was quite enjoying the Dwarven hospitality, gruff, well lubricated, and if they hate you, they tell it to your face.

Day 28 of the Dwarven Mine Trek

This was not a good day for our minions. After several hours of travel, we ran into a trap that would have killed three of them without my heroic efforts to save them from certain death from drow kindness.  Not sure what I will do with the statues. The screaming from the rear of the group did not help morale, I really do not want to know what that maniac was doing to the minion, but I doubt it was legal in any city outside of drow territory.

Day 36 of the Dwarven Mine Trek

This was  a red letter day for minions, and swords, we lost all but the three minions I was able to rescue with my handy wand due to unfortunate circumstances involving dragons and lava. On the bright side we ended up with some dragon eggs, on the down side our good friend Amalexia the violent, lost her second (or third) favorite sword to challenging a dragon that their flame couldn’t melt an adamantine sword. In all reality it was far too entertaining, and she has far too many sharp objects for me to feel safe anyways. As a side note peace was brokered for 20 years between the kobolds and the Dwarves.

Day 44 of the Dwarven Mine clearing

Who knew that brokering peace was so lucrative? I might have to broker it more often, I knew there was money to be made when wars are happening, but they must have been really looking for peace at that rate, I would call it a successful adventure by my standards. Nobody important was hurt, we gained a high elf and were able to escape unscathed from a run in with the Drow.






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