MISTS of Moab Falls

The Dwarven Mine Experiments. (Almalexia)

Important Events, Dates not recorded.

I have acquired a "Cursed" sword from a hag.  I seem to be making many deals with these creatures.  They seem to crave senseless destruction…or just like to bid the time with the rest of the races and messing with them. 

We are about to enter into the mines, when i decided to test this new found "Curse".  To my mild surprise it worked wonderfully.  Hawk came back to life as loyal as something could be, a little to rigid for my taste, someone might notice. 

The cannon fodder managed to avoid their death.  I was hoping to try a few new things on them, shame.  Hawk had to feed on this day, loud and gruesome.  This Dwarf we hired to guide us is getting too suspicious, I might need to deal with him eventually.  Dai seems clueless as ever.  This new Elf though could become an issue.  I can only hope he begins to see fate as I do.

Hawk is better at feasting and cleaning himself up now, I guess i need to issue commands all the time sadly.  The Humans look at me differently lately.  They seem to fear me, yet are too afraid to challenge me, if only they understood they, and everything are fated to die.  It is only a matter of time.  On a side note, some disgusting underground elf made me kill Hawk, i will need to start over…It shall not be hard. 

We made it to the cavern of the so called "dragon god".  After allowing a few men to fall to their death, the Phoenix man finally used his senses to ensure the rest of us could pass safely.  It turns out there is an Actual dragon down here, and it has gifted us with some of "His" eggs.  Maybe the dragon is aware of my duty to this world, that he would grant me a dragon to execute mine and the gods will…  Also, the damned beast melted my sword, my companions could have warned me of the strength of dragons flame…




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